Photos taken by Dragon Fish Industry

During harvest , at least two government officials will verify and witness the number of fries in the male's mouth .They will look at the adult male Arowana and it's tag number to confirm whether it is a red or a golden dragon fish. All this information will then be kept at the department. In about six months time, when the fries reaches around 15cm or 6 inches, the officials will be informed so that they could tag these young fishes as well. In addition, each fish is also issued with a 'Certificate of Identity' which bear its tag number and most importantly, specify its colour vairety, red or gold.

A blue base thin frame xback Arowana

A gold base xback Arowana

Young Super red

The father of these young super red arowana

6 " or15 cm (export size)


The fins are very red even at a young age !

Over the
Back -gold Arowana

The lips of the red dragonfish is also pink in colour !


The main physical difference between a young Red and Gold Arowana is that the former's scales has a tint of pink and green while the latter is golden. In addition, the fins are bright red for the former while the fins are orange for the latter.

These are 6 inches golden dragonfish ,note the orange coloured fins .

7" over the back golden dragonfish

A group of super red or 1st grade red dragonfish.(8 "/20 cm) A group of golden arowana. (10 "/25 cm)