BBB Scheme: Harvest of DFI's Oldest Sapphire Gold Brooder
"看种鱼,买小鱼" 蓝宝石紫蓝底过背(293B06E11EE0)收成。

Dear All,
Most of our brooders around 13 years of age, has more or less retired. But this DFI's oldest brooder, tag number ending 1EE0, still strives on, giving us 2 batches of fry in August and November 2006. This time round, he has produced some 28 fry, a good start for a New Year. Due to our busy schedule, his earlier harvests were not documented on this website.
Let's hope he would continue to enjoy good health, and continue his fry contribution for a few more years . Cheers to everyone for Good Health!
大多数年长十三岁的雄性种鱼已经接近退休,但我们鱼场最老的雄性种鱼还再接再力,于2006年生产两批小鱼(八月及十一月)。 因为我们的工作时间表很紧密,那两次收成没有宣布于这网站。不过,今天它又生产二十八尾小鱼,确实是宝刀未老,是新一年的好开始!期望它健康良好,能继续为鱼场做出贡献。相同的,也希望大家身体健康。

A standard practice once the brooder has been netted for closer inspection.

The very first attempt in prying open the old brooder's mouth.

A closer shot of the harvesting process.

Best shot of the day, agree?

Finally, he releases the bulk of today's harvest.

A side profile of the old brooder. Photo is over-exposed due to today's strong sun.

A parting shot of its world renowned Golden Head features.

Today's result - 28 fry.
今天收成成绩 - 二十八尾小鱼。