The two DFI Pahang Golds

Dear All,
On 11th July, we had harvested a Pahang Gold regular brooder, tag ending 8635. Today, on the 13th July, we harvested yet another renowned Pahang Gold brooder, tag ending 1555. This is their third broodings in the year 2007. Till date, their offsprings had been very promising, and we are now obviously looking forward to their growth in the next few months. Sit back, relax and take time to go through these new pictures.

A scan had confirmed our suspicion, it is indeed our regular brooder.

The very first of a series of sequential shots. Note its fully crossed back, fully pearls (near William's hand) and golden tinged pectoral fins.

More fries follow suit, after the initial attempts to pry open the brooder's mouth.

The final attempt to release all fries in the mouth cavity.

Small fries, measuring about one inch long. A total of 30 fries for this competent brooder.

For formality's sake, a scan still has to be done for record purposes (the brooder is actually very distinctive and thus, recognisable even from a far distance, without having to scan him)

The very first try to empty the brooder's mouth cavity.

The third shot, from a different angle.

Our favourite shot of the day.

The final countdown!

More than what we had expected, a whopping 32 fries, about 1.5 inch length.