New updates on BBB scheme fishes

Dear All,
A few of the renowned Xback batches bred by well-known DFI brooders are now ready for sale. But today, we are only showcasing two of the many featured BBB scheme batches. If you are keen on any particular batches, be it Sapphire 8633, Sapphire 1EEO, Pahang 1555, Pahang 86351 - be sure to mention their respective brooder's tag numbers to your nearest DFI retailer or wholesaler when placing an order.

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Our Pahang Gold brooder, tag number ending 1555. He had produced a few batches in 2007 and this batch was from the 20 April 2007 harvest.

Fishes are only 6-7 inches now but little pearls are already evident below the dorsal fin area.

Sharp pointed mouth, higher body and large 3 back fins are the traits of this special batch of Pahang Gold Xbacks (both Golden Heads and non-GH are available for this batch).

One of our oldest Sapphire Gold brooder, tag ending 1EEO. He is producing lesser nowadays due in part to his old age. Today's feature are fishes harvested on 08 Jan 2007.

A close up on the 3 back fins area had revealed that little pearls have already formed.

Special attention has been drawn to this batch's Super Spoon Head feature. Fishes are now 9-10 inches long.

A full body shot had reavealed a balanced body with a Spoon Head. Note the high gold intensity, too. (both Golden Heads and non-GH are available for this batch).

Another sibling from the same batch, displaying the same Spoon Head and high shine feature.