After one month in a black tank

Dear All,
Firstly, a very Happy & Prosperous New 2008 to one and all! May all your loved ones and your goodself enjoy much Happiness, Health and Harmony during the New Year.

We are hereby doing an update on our 1EE0 Sapphire Golds and 1555 Pahang Golds, after being kept in a black tank for one month. We could see that in a darker environment, quality xbacks would exhibit their gold rims and base colour more prominently. The longer the period they are kept in a darker place, the deeper will be their colouration.

Hence, it would be more advisable to keep younger Xbacks in a white/clear tank environment from sizes 5-10 or even 12 inches. Thereafter, transfer the fish to a blue or black tank, and voila, the gold rims and strong base colour will show itself over time.

Fishes are available in Singapore and ready for export anytime. Simply consult your nearest DFI retailer or fish importer. Have a great time viewing these new pictures.

A very spoon head 1EE0 Sapphire Gold offspring. This fish is still as spooney as ever but had grown about 1.5 inches since the last update one month ago.

This picture captures its strong purplish blue base very accurately. Golden rims are also very obvious, too.

Focusing on its little pearls below the dorsal fin area.

Another Sapphire Gold Xback sibling from the same 1EE0 batch. Though its head is not as spooney as its brother above, its base colour is nevertheless, very strong indeed. (Sorry for the blur picture)

Stressing on the little pearls development and the well defined gold rims of this not-so spooney Sapphire Gold.

A 1555 offspring Pahang Gold which had also been kept in a black tank for a month. Note its shinning gold patch just behind the eye region? Its gold rims are also very obvious after a change of environment.

Almost fully developed pearls for a young Xback.

A strategic shot at the other side of this Pahang Gold had revealed the same full pearls development. (Apologise for the blur picture)

A 1555 offspring Pahang Gold with a very stout body - high and broad, and a not too spooney head.

Sharp pointed or very slightly rounded heads, not spoon heads, are our Pahang Golds' true-to-breed characteristic.