2008 National Day Special

A special batch of Spoon Head Sapphire Gold Xbacks, grade AA+, with perfect scissors bite mouth, large 3 back finnages, strong intensity, good shine and pearlies is now available at offer prices.

Obvious spoon heads ......coupled with high body.

Focusing on its little pearls below the dorsal fin area.

The same fish as above, from a different angle. This special specimen along with others in the same batch, are available at C328, tel 67778468. Do call them for the best prices.

Mid-sized Xbacks (15 inches and above), with full pearlies developement and strong base colouration are also available. Suitable for comm tanks or commercial breeding, email us for further details. Top Premium Select High Back Goldens are also on offer at Aro Pacific, tel 62889505. See the quality and great prices!