Introducing Some New Brooders

In the year 2004 and 2005, we had introduced many new brooders into our mud pond. Selecton criterion for the brooders were very strict in the first place. Fortunately, after a 3-4 years wait, we had been harvesting their fries these few months, especially during peak months of August and September. Enjoy ....

A scan to double check the tag number of this relatively new brooder, tag ending 8667.

In a flash of lightning, the brooder had already released its whole brood, albeit a very small brood.

Side profile of this Emerald Blue Xback brooder, with misty blue hue as its base colour.

Only a token sum of 18 fries for his first production.

Another relatively new brooder today, a Sapphire Gold with tag ending 8653.

This is a not-too-young brooder who has swallowed his previous batches of fries except for a successful harvest in August 2007. But lucky us, he is finally doing his job this time.

The second sequential shot of the harvest process.

The third shot showing the bulk of the fries being released.

Side profile of this brooder. (he really ought to work harder to compensate for the lost batches in the past!)

A sample shot of the other brooders in the Sapphire Gold pond.

Yet another shot of the brooders. Thank you all for viewing.