2008 X'mas Sales

Almost an annual affair, our farm is once again introducing this year's Christmas Specials. BMB Xbacks at only S$888 (Grade AA) and Sapphire Gold Xbacks at only S$1,088 (Grade AA+) will be on offer to hobbyists who are keen to cash in on this festive special.

Fishes are all graded AA and AA+ respectively. Offer only good whilst stocks last. For bulk buys of 10 fishes or more, please contact our farm by email. For retailing, please consult Clementi 328 (tel 67778468) or Aro Pacific (tel 62889505).

Here's wishing one and all, a very very Merry Christmas plus a New Year of fruitful endeavours.

Bukit Merah Blue Xbacks (Grade AA) of good shine and body shape. Fishes are all merely 5 inches in total length, however, they exhibit extremely high shine for their tender age.

Sharp pointed mouths coupled with high bodies, and big 3 back finnages.

Although kept in white tank environments, these quality Sapphire Gold Xbacks (Grade AA+) are still able to exhibit strong purplish shine out of water.

Most of this current batch of Sapphire Gold Xbacks also exhibit the spoon head and high body features. Little pearls are already obvious for these 7-8 inch fishes.

Yet another fine specimen. Happy Holidays ahead.