Bumper Harvests on 1st July 2009

Despite the gloommy news of the H1N1 pandemic and global recession, here are some good news of our bumper harvests to be shared with you all. This harvest was conducted on the morning of 1st July 2009. A total of 8 brooders were checked but only 6 were found to be brooding. A total of 156 Cross Back and Rose Gold fries were harvested. The other two had either swallowed their eggs earlier or were carrying unfertilised eggs. Here we would like to share with you all pictures of two such harvests, do enjoy.

Our first brooder of the day. He is a Sapphire Gold brooder, rarely captured on camera. A scan had confirmed his tag number to be ending 8653.

The very first glimpse of brightly orange-coloured eggs. Note his fully crossed back and slight gold markings on his head?

The second sequential shot had shown one inch fries catching their first glimpses of this world.

The final release of his precious brood.

Wriggling fries captured at the bottom of the harvest net.

Our next brooder is a Sapphire Gold, tag ending 8633, a rather old-timer.

The very first shot.

Out come the bulk of the brood. From this angle, it is not too difficult to see the brooder's purplish based and fully crossed scales.

After all the hard work, its time for the brooder to heave a sigh of relief!

Only a disappointing 17 fries were harvested from this attractive brooder.