Born in 1994 and still going strong!

Our renowned Sapphire Gold brooder, tag ending 1EE0 was born in the year 1994, imported into Singapore in 1995 when our farm was first constructed. Many of his peers like 1483, 1552, 1554 have more or less retired from the breeding scene, but this 'old man', despite his old age, is still going strong, producing two or three broods a year.

Well before the action begins, he was calm enough to show us his 'proud brood'.

The very obvious budge below his chin area (sorry for the blurry picture).

The second sequential shot had shown half inch fries catching their first glimpses of this world.

Out come the bulk of today's fries ...

A total of 31 wriggling fries was harvested from 1EEO on 17th August 2009. See you all in 5-6 months time.