Surprise Harvest !!!

Hi all,
As these brooders are relatively older, we were not expecting anything when shifting them to another pond. However, we were taken by surprise when we saw brooders bearing tags 1546 and 8635 brooding. Enjoy these new pictures.
Mrs Goh

A scan had confirmed this fish to be an old brooder, probably from the early 1995's.

First glimpse at this Sapphire Gold's offerings.

Out come the rest of the batch of fries.

Side view of the brooder with full pearliers and a very golden lower jaw area.

A total of 31 fries for this old timer.

Last harvested this Pahang Gold in 2007 if we did not remember wrongly, what a surprise that he still has not retired.

Just finished bagging the brooder. Thick golden frames are especially obvious when viewing this fish from the top.

Take a first glance of this new world!

The action continues ...

A whopping 35pcs of one inch fries.