Introducing some brand new brooders!

Hi all,
Just to share some new brooders of DFI. Due to strict selective breedings, our pure 24K Gold base xback as well as Pahang Gold xbacks are already into their 3rd or even 4th generation. Do enjoy these new pictures.

A scan had shown an unfamiliar tag number.

Top view of 1555 Pahang Gold fry, tag ending 8947, fully crossed at age 5.

First attempt at prying open the brooder's mouth.

More fries are coming out ...

The last few of the batch are finally out.

At last, the job is done!

A total of 19 fires, a below average figure.

Another scan of an even younger brooder.

Side profile of the new 24K gold based brooder with REALLY golden lower jaws and full pearlies.

The first glimpse of the fries.

More fries have followed suit.

A total of a mere 15 fries for this first time brooder.