Soon to be exported brooders, December 2011

Hi all,
Below are a selection of fish photos, with fishes soon to be exported overseas for breeding purposes. The bigger ones are already 16 inches, the smallest being only 13 inches. Do enjoy viewing these new pictures we had taken recently.

Happy viewing to one and all.

William Goh

Initially placed in outdoor cement ponds, these Sapphire Golds were originally intended to be DFI brooders. But since there is demand for them, we have decided to let them go, albeit quite reluctantly.

After bagging some of the fishes for tagging purposes. Note their high shine, with colouration on some fishes back had already been 'crossed'.

Yet some other selected fishes being bagged, all approx. one and a half years old.

The smallest fish of the whole lot, at merely 13 inch long, full pearlies had already been obtained.

Close up shot of one of the selected fishes, love thy head?

The second smallest fish, at 14 inches, with a more obvious spoon head and also, full pearlies.

The same 14 inches fish as above, but fish is now facing the other direction.

Another close up shot of a Golden Head Sapphire Gold.

A slighter bigger fish with the most profound Golden Head features - also exported.