Rare 24K Gold AA++

Hi all,
Its time that we should be launching these higher grade fishes, our rare 24K Gold AA++ - utmost shine, high and broad bodies, almost full pearlies on at least one side of the dorsal fin and coupled with golden specks on its head. These fishes are highly regarded in the overseas market, thus we are also launching them in the local context for Xback connnoisseurs.

This brand new 4th batch of 24Ks will be at Clementi Florist (C328), Singapore, on Monday, 12th December 2011 (around 12.30pm). Priced competitively for its superb quality, at only S$1488 each.
Not forgetting to thank the supporters for our 3rd batch of 24K Gold AA+ xbacks, with the majority sold at C328 within the last 4 days.

Really appreciate your support of a local Singaporean farm, with a proven track record since 1995. Have a great weekend ahead, cheers to one and all.

Mrs Goh

High and broad body, sharp pointed mouth, coupled with almost full fine pearlies at its 3 back fins - dorsal, anal and tail.

Ultra high shine and good pearlies for this AA++ graded fish.

Yet another one of the 10 fishes to be sent to C328 on Monday, 12th December, 2011. Prominent golden rims, high and broad bodies, well developed fine pearlies are the trademarks of this batch of 24K Gold AA++.