New 24K and Pahang Gold Xbacks

Hi all,
Just to share some recently taken pictures. Hope you all would enjoy browsing these pictures.

Thank you all for viewing.

Mrs Goh

A well proportioned Pahang Gold Xback with fine pearlies, bullet head and a yellow belly.

The yellow belly of the abovementioned Pahang Gold xback - rare and unique.

Top view of a AAA+ graded Pahang Gold Xback with prominent golden rims.

A spoon head 24K Gold xback with a relatively shorter SUMO body type. Very prominent golden rims as well!

Yet another spoon head 24K Gold xback with high body, fine pearlies and obvious golden rims.

Top view of a spoon head 24K Gold xback, graded AA++ (to be released to C328 on 24/2/2012)

Top view of a AAA graded Golden Head xback with more golden head features.