Mid-Size Xbacks for Sale

Hi all,
We have a few batches of Sapphire Golds, all graded AA+ and AA++, and are now 14-15 inches long. Their date of birth are from March to June, 2010 and are now about 2 years of age. For parties who are keen to purchase 10pcs or more, please PM or email us for pricing and other details. Enjoy these pictures taken on the recent Good Friday public holiday (ie 06 April, 2012).

Thank you for viewing as well as for your continuous support.

Mrs Goh

All fishes have perfect finnages and scissors bite mouth. Pearlies are also well developed.

Slight spoon head with sharp pointed mouths.

Top view of a Sapphire Gold, graded AA++, at 15 inches in the outdoor concrete pond.

Strong colouration and well defined pearlies. Some gold brush can also be seen at its tail.

Distinctive gold rims and fine pearlies for this slightly smaller fish, perhaps 14 inches.

Stronger purple tone Sapphire Gold with gold brush at tail.

Well built fish with intense colour base (drop eye in picture due to anaesthetic used during photography)