May 2012 peak harvests season

Hi all,
As hobbyists taste and appreciation levels are higher these days, compared to say 17 years ago when we first started, we shall take more pictures of our harvests to share with one and all, the kind of quality brooders that we have in our broodstock.

For your viewing pleasure. Thank you all for reading and viewing.

Mrs Goh

The first brooder in action, fries are 1.5 inches, the biggest of the lot.

Side view of this ultra thin frame, purple based brooder, with only one barbel ...

Tag number of the above Sapphire Gold brooder, ending 33965.

The second brooder, a 24K Gold young xback.

From afar, this fish would appear very golden. From near, you could see he has yellow bottom, very golden cheeks and no more barbels (due to constant brooding and prying open actions)

A scanner had confirmed the above 24K Gold's tag number, ending 8803.

This tag ending, 8814, belongs to the 3rd brooder of the day, featured below.

Being extremely aggressive, we were not able to capture the moment of the fries pouring out from this brooder. Love thy golden tail?

Side profile of the gorgeous 24K Gold brooder with gold brush on all its 3 back fins - tail, dorsal and anal fins. Note its full/fine pearlies and golden cheeks, too.

A joint picture showing the day's catch from a total of 3 brooders.