More harvests in May, 2012

Hi all,
During peak harvest seasons like this, we harvest about twice a week, sometimes even thrice a week. In this second harvests of the 3rd week of May, again, we harvested 3 xback brooders. And the AVA has just confirmed that DFI is the most productive Singapore arowana farm for the past few years, producing more than 3,000 xbacks annually (excluding High Backs, RTGs and Banjars).

Thus, due to our huge production, as well as a lack of an experienced manager, we are not able to sell one or two fishes to our supporters. Much as we wanted to, however, like everyone else's, we only have 12 hours of working time daily and would like to best utilise our limited time. But we are only too happy to sell direct to hobbyists if they could buy 5 or more fishes at one go. Therefore, we seek your kind understanding on this.

And due to selective breeding, strict QC and having had such a huge production, we are seeking wholesale enquiries from hobbyists, private investors, fish farm owners, even horticultural farm owners to contact us for wholesale enquiries. Based on our strict QC and huge production, you can be reassured of the best quality at the most competitive pricing. Thank you and please take time to enjoy these new pictures of today's harvest.

Mrs Goh

The very first brooder of the day, a fully crossed Pahang Gold xback in action.

Closer top view of the Pahang Gold brooder, how do you like its good shine and strong intensity?

Side view showing the brooder's full pearlies, golden brush on its 3 back fines- tail, dorsal and anal fins and golden cheeks.

Tag number of the above Pahang Gold brooder, tag ending 8635, an old timer.

Not easy to capture the moment fries are coming out from this aggressive 24K Gold xback brooder.

Side profile showing a brooder with strong gold tone, fine pearlies and gold brush on tail. Tag ending 1541.

Two bags of fries from Pahang Gold 8635 and 24K Gold 1541 brooders.

Yet another aggressive old time brooder, a Sapphire Gold, tag ending 1545.

Finally, managed to snap a picture of the fries coming out from this much sought after brooder.

Side view of the purple based, 1545 Sapphire Gold brooder. Note its full and fine pearlies, golden brush on 3 back fins as well as very golden cheeks.

A scan had confirmed the brooder to be our all time regular, Sapphire Gold 1545, who breeds about 5-6 times in the past year ... His offsprings are often in high demand from our customers.