2nd Mid-sized Xbacks for Sale (12-14 inches)

Hi all,
Due to the overwhelming response to our sales of the first Mid-sized Xbacks (launched in April, 2012), we are now happy to announce the availability of 2 batches of Xbacks - one Rose Gold AA++ and one Sapphire & Emerald Blue AA++. All fishes are between 12 to 14 inches, so they are about 1 year and 3 months or 1 year and 6 months old.

As all Xbacks are kept in outdoor concrete ponds of 3m by 3m, it is rather difficult to drain the pond water in order to catch them. Thus our minimum quantity is the same as before ie 10 Xbacks or 10 Rose Golds (kept in 2 separate ponds). As these are all high quality semi-adult fishes, pearlies are all fully developed. A good majority of them also have golden lines on their heads.

Private investors, comm tank owners or even fish farm owners are most welcomed to PM or email us to make an appt. to buy these quality fishes at reasonable prices. This is indeed the Best of the Best of times to invest in Xbacks, when Xback prices are ridiculously low. As with all sorts of investments, a general rule of thumb to abide by is - ALWAYS BUY LOW & SELL HIGH. Once again, thank you all for your kind support.

Mrs Goh

A huge plastic holding all the fat Rose Golds, AA++. Our DFI Rose Golds are closer in quality as well as appearance to Xbacks, than to Super Reds.

Top view of some Rose Golds on sale.

Side view of a Rose Gold, about 14 inches, with the typical Bullet head and full pearleis. (P.S. - Sorry for the over-exposed picture as it was taken under strong sunlight at 2pm).

More Rose Golds in the bag. Like those golden features on their heads?

Some Rose Golds also have yellow bellies to show.

Another Rose Gold AA++ with striking golden lines on head.

More yellow bellied Rose Golds ...

A nice Emerald Blue Xbacks, AA++ with sisscors bite mouth, great body shape and full pearlies.

An attractive Sapphire Gold Xback, AA++ with deep core colour, slight spoon head and full pearlies.