21st August, 2012 harvests

Hi all,
Below are some planned harvests that we have conducted today, 21st August, 2012. Weather was scorching hot by the time it was 8.45am, luckily, we had started at 8.15am. Hope you would sit back and enjoy these 'tediously' taken pictures (costs us lots of sweat!).

Many thanks for your continuous support of DFI xbacks.

Mrs Goh

A very unproductive Sapphire Gold brooder, tag ending 8747.

Being a rare and panicky brooder, it was near impossible to capture fries being forced out of his mouth. However, do see his deep purplish tone and full golden-brushed tail.

After deducting a few unfertilised eggs, it was 38 fries for this unproductive brooder.

A more regular Sapphire Gold brooder, tag ending 8847, with very long golden pectoral fins.

Side profile showing deep purplish base, full pearlies and very golden lower jaw area - all indicators of a good & pure Xback lineage.

A very cooperative 24K Gold xback, 6094, showing off its golden cheeks and pectoral fins.

Side profile showing the above 24K Gold with bullet head, fine pearlies and a very nice golden tone. Golden brush on tail was also seen but not captured in this photo.