Young brooders and Some New Harvests

Hi all,
Below are some 3 year old young brooders that are about to enter the mud ponds. Sizes are about 16-17 inches. Open for sales to fish farms, private investors and proxy farmers at other farms. Minimum is only 10pcs per selection and as of August, 2012, prices are as such - S$1,800 each (no gold lines on head) or S$2,200 each (with gold lines on head). Do enjoy these pictures taken under the hot morning sun.

Many thanks for your continuous support of DFI xbacks.

Mrs Goh

Close up view of a young brooder, love thy yellow belly, golden fins & fine pearlies?

An ultra high bodied, Sapphire Gold with thicker golden rims. Note its golden throat and yellow belly?

A very thin framed Emerald Blue with high body, fine pearlies and you guessed it, a scissors bite mouth.

A slight spoon head Royal Blue with thin gold frame, very fine pearlies and that gorgeous, scissors bite mouth.

A famed Pahang Gold brooder, 8940, doing his routine job. Fries from him are in high demand overseas, but nevertheless, we shall reserve some for the local market.

The Pahang Gold with high body, pearlies, very golden cheek and basically, a yellow bottom as well.

A not so regular Sapphire brooder, tag 8927, releasing his brood.

Side profile showing the above Sapphire Gold with bullet head, purplish core, fine pearlies and golden brush on its 3 back fins.