Some Great Brooders

Hi all,
Below are some recent harvests done in the first week of September, 2012. The Pahang Gold 8864 is an old fish but being a brooder for the first time ... This goes to show that not all males will brood eggs in their life time. Though some males are extremely productive, ie brooding once every two months but there are also some males whom never broods at all. That is why, till this day, the Asian Arowana is still on the CITES highly protected list.

Do enjoy these new pictures. Many thanks for your continuous support of DFI xbacks.

Mrs Goh

A young bullet head Emerald Blue, tag ending 9010, doing his routine job.

Side view of the above Emerald Blue with bluish-greenish core, fine pearlies and a yellow bottom.

An old Pahang Gold, tag ending 8864, showing off his golden cheeks and ever beautiful, Bullet Head.

The above Pahang Gold in action, proving to be a rather aggressive brooder brooding for the very first time.

Side profile of the above Pahang Gold with high body, fine pearlies and a great gold tone.

One of our famed Rose Gold, tag ending 6091, doing his routine job. All Rose Golds, like Reds, are extremely aggressive, so its not easy to capture fries pouring out of their mouths.

Side view of the aggressive and gigantic, Rose Gold, displaying deep purplish core and fine pearlies.

A scan had confirmed him to be our old brooder, 6091, a Rose Gold (cross breed between a Cross Back Gold and a Super Red).