Visit by The Taiwanese Delegation , AROFANATICS.COM & AROWANAS.COM HOSTS TO DFI ON 27 MARCH 2001

DFI is proud to host an arowana harvest session for the Taiwanese Delegation to witness the successful captive breeding of Asian arowanas. The delegation comprises 2 Legislators (Mdm Chin and Mr Su), 2 directors from Council of Agriculture in Taiwan (Mr Dah and Dr Sui), and Taiwan Aquarium Association members, including Chairman, Mr Chien. The popular Taiwan magazine, FISH MAGAZINE was also here to do a coverage on our farm for their new arowana book!
We, at DFI, are very honoured to have been chosen by the AVA to showcase this special event. The main objective is to allow the Taiwanese legislators to consider, lifting the ban on the import of F2 and beyond generation, captive bred Asian arowanas into the large, Taiwanese market. Below are only some pictures taken by us as we were too busy serving the guests. For more interesting ones, kindly refer to and Thank you and enjoy!

In the forefront are two gentlemen from the Taiwan Council of Agriculture. Mr Dah is the Deputy Administrator of the Fisheries Admin while Dr Shui is the Deputy Director General and Head of Agri. Science and Technical Group. Behind them, is a delegation of 16 members from the Taiwan Aquarium Association as well as Fish Magazine. Note that it's a hot but happy day for all!

In the centre of the picture, is MDM CHIN-CHU WONG, a legislator of Taiwan. Note that Kelvin (in white T-shirt) is standing beside her? The rest of the guests were simply too engrossed with the 'activities' that were going on in the pond!

Armed with video cameras, digital cameras and all sorts of photographic equipments, the Taiwanese delegation waited patiently for the exciting harvest to begin.

Here's a post for the album. Special guests include (from left to right), Mr Kelvin Fong and Mr Edwin Wee of the famed, Mr Teck Chye and Mr Alvin Koh of the successful, and Mr Ng of Joy Access Trading, our loyal retailer. Behind them are the 28 mud ponds and the 2 huge reservoirs at DFI.

Kelvin, Alvin and Edwin posting beside the newly completed bungalow in DFI. Sincerely, we thank them for taking precious time off from their busy schedules to witness our RTG harvest. A BIG THANK YOU TO YOU ALL!

Finally, a total of 61 pcs of 2.5 inches RTG fry, resting on the tank bottom. Most were not free swimming yet as their egg sacs are still pretty big at this stage. They will be ready for tagging about 2 months later, at 4-5 inches.

A close up view of the hard-earned fries!