Interesting Shots

Dear all,
Before the harvests were conducted, we walked around the ponds and found this brooder brooding ... He was kind of shy and elusive but with some patience, we were able to capture some interesting shots. Do enjoy such rare pictures of a male fish brooding in the mud pond ... Cheers!

A thousand thanks to you all for your continuous support of DFI xbacks.

Mrs Goh

Judging by the look, he is probably an offspring of 1EE0 Sapphire Gold Xback. Fully crossed scales with ultra good shine and some gold dots on its head.
由外观来看,他可能是1EE0蓝宝石过背的后代. 在池塘的过背, ​​因为每天直接在阳光直射下,有些过背只可能出现80-95%跨鳞状况。但如果在室内饲养,成熟阶段的鱼跨鳞更容易达到100%. 这尾在泥塘的雄鱼可以认为是90%-95%跨鳞!

The black brooding pouch could be clearly seen in this sharp picture.

Side view of the fish has confirmed him to be a Sapphire Gold with deep purplish blue scales. .
侧视图已确认它的深紫蓝色鳞片, 果真是一尾蓝宝石过背金龙!

Fish swimming away with swollen cheeks confirmed that he is indeed brooding fries in his mouth.

Yet another first time old brooder, Sapphire Gold tag 8853, brooding for the first time in ten years or so?
另一尾首次孕育的雄鱼,蓝宝石8853标签(晶片最后四位数字). 看到它后三鳍的细珍鳞?

Side view of the above brooder with bullet head, full pearlies and golden brush on 3 back finnages.

A deep based Emerald Blue, tag ending 24103 in action! One aggressive brooder.

Side profile of the smaller sized Emerald but with prominent bluish-green based scales, pearlies and gold brush on tail.

1EE0's offspring, Sapphire Gold tag ending 5510 in action.
另一尾比较年轻, 金质非常重的过背种鱼.

Bullet head with deep purplish scales, fine pearlies and a very broad body.
合吻的嘴形, 长和阔的体形及丰满的细珍鳞都是所有好过背应该有的特点.