Guess the numbers ?

Dear all,
As with all harvests, we arrived with Mr Jerome Ng of AVA at the mud ponds, with much anticipation and anxiety. Though we had been doing this for the past 17 years or so, it never fails to excite us even till this day as the results are often unexpected. Fortunately, today is not a very hot day, so lucky us. Do enjoy these new pictures we had taken just an hour ago ...Fresh from the mud ponds.

Click on the below link to see pictures of the first brooder, 8653, taken a few days ago - Previous link: Gallery 190

A thousand thanks to you all for your continuous support of DFI xbacks.

Mrs Goh

Another last shot just before the fishes are being cornerd on 14th Sept, 9am. The male brooder can be seen panting and adjusting its mouth, probably to bring more oxgyen to its fries.

Close up shot of the harvesting process, any idea what are the 'numbers' on its forehead?

Another sequential shot of the harvest process.

A scan had confirmed the brooder to be our famed Sapphire Gold, tag 8653, first featured on the internet in 2008.

Fully crossed back with deep purplish colouration. Some golden lines had appeared on its head even the fish had not gone through WTE (white tank environment). So, it is not exactly correct to say that all Golden Heads are man-made as quality xbacks would still exhibit GH when fully grown.

Yet another Sapphire Gold, a regular but being featured on the internet for the first time, tag ending 8191.

Side profile of the Sapphire Gold with purplish core, full pearlies and golden brush on tail.