New Mid Sized XB for Sales

Dear all,
Due to the recent interest in Mid sized xbacks, we thought we would like to update everyone on what we can offer. For mud pond fishes, due to the fact that more manpower and time are needed, the minimum purchase would be 10pcs. Prices only upon enquiry. For concrete pond & glass tank fishes, the minimum purchase is only 5pcs, prices as below.
CONCRETE POND SAPPHIRE GOLD (newly reduced BASE price) - min. 5pcs
13-14 inches AA+ S$700 each (no gold lines)
14-15 inches AA+ S$750 each (no gold lines)

13-14 inches AA++ S$800 each (some gold lines)
14-15 inches AA++ S$850 each (some gold lines)

13-15 inches AAA S$1,000 each (50% GH)
13-15 inches AAAA S$1,700 each (80% GH)

Do see below pictures for more detailed info.

Thanks for the interest & support.
Mrs Goh

Outdoor mud pond (first 4 pictures) - Sapphire Golds (14-16 inches) with 6th row deep purplish colour and golden lines on head. Minimum 10pcs. Quotation upon enquiry.

A single fish with some golden lines development.

A group picture depicting similiar qiualities for Sapphire Gold.

A Sapphire Gold with almost full crossing at 15inches.

Concrete pond (pictures 5-9 with white tiled base) - close up purplish blue scales of a Sapphire Gold Xback, 13-14 inches.

A well built Sapphire Gold with straight and perfect pectoral fins.

Centre fish have 80% GH, classified as a 4A Golden Head.

Trio of fat Sapphire Golds AA++, fed twice a day, definitely not stunted!

A pair of Sapphire Gold AA++ with developed pearlies, perfect finnages and scissors bite mouth.

Fish tank of Spoon head Sapphire Gold, AA+, with pearlies, high bodies and nice Spoon Heads (11-12 inches). Only 25pcs available, minimum purchase is 5pcs, S$600 each.