Concrete Pond No:2

Dear All,
While yesterday's Concrete Pond no. 1 has got mostly AA+ and AA++ grades, along with an odd piece of 4A GH, today's Concrete Pond no. 2 has got a good majority of AA++ and 3A GH, again, with 1 or 2pcs of 4A GH. Fish sizes in this Concrete Pond no. 2 are also slightly larger, estimated to be around 15-16 inches.
As can be seen from the top view, all fishes are fattened (fed twice a day) in preparation before entering the mud ponds. In this way, they are thought to be stronger, more ready to adapt to a totally new & more challenging outdoor environment.
This concrete pond no. 2 fishes would enter the mud ponds in November, ie next month. For a more detailed description of them, please look at the pictures below (pictures are clearer today due to a different camera being used and the white tiled floor is also cleaner than Concrete Pond no. 1 ...).

CONCRETE POND NO. 2 SAPPHIRE GOLD - For a minimum purchase of 5pcs -
15-16 inches AA++ S$900 each (some golden lines)
15-16 inches AAA GH S$1,100 each (50% GH)
15-16 inches AAAA GH S$1,800 each (80% GH)

Thank you all for viewing and Have a great weekend.
Mrs Goh

Centre fish being the 4A GH, like its thick body and smooth pectorals?

The two fishes are graded as AA++, for the golden lines on their heads. All swim confidently with wide open fins.

Group picture showing two pcs of 3A GH at the forefront and one 4A GH at the back right hand corner.

Another group picture depicting mostly 3A GHs in this Concrete Pond no. 2. All have smooth pectoral fins as can be seen in this picture.

All fishes have scissors bite, pearlies development, 6th row colouration and golden lines on their heads.