October 2012 Harvests

Dear All,
As mentioned earlier in September, this year's harvest peak was earlier in August/September instead of the usual September/October. So, October 2012 is indeed a much quieter month for us, and we liked it this way so we could at least take a hiatus. And given the current excess supply, this is really good news to us as the more fries we produce, the more stress we are left to find buyers for them.

Take a quiet moment and enjoy these new pictures we have put together for all to enjoy. Appreciate your viewing and unrelentess support.

Mrs Goh

A young BMB doing his routine job, tag ending 9032.

Side profile showing a very high & broad body, thin golden frame and blue core.

Given its tag number, 24124, this is an even younger BMB brooder.

True to its given name, thin gold frame bordering nice blue base.

One of the sons of 1EE0 is this Sapphire Gold brooder, tag 2828335371. Hence, a higher chance of cross-belly, like its brother, tag 2828335373 (featured earlier).

Like its unique 'Lightning Blue' purple base, coupled with thin gold rims and fine pearlies?

An Emerald Blue brooder, tag ending 8066, in action.

Side viewing showing a Bullet head, gold brushed tail and the unmistakeable, greenish-blue base.

Notice the deeper golden tone overall? Typical of all 24K Gold brooders is this tag ending 8071.

A not-so-regular Sapphire Gold brooder in action, tag ending 8818. Ready to buy that 4-D ticket, if yes, consider this, 8818.

Picture had confirmed a Bullet head, high body, golden brushed tail with fine pearlies.