Ticked All Boxes!

Dear All,
How often do you come across a Cross Back that you can safely say, "Well, this fish really Ticked All Boxes?" Yes, that would mean it satisfies all of your prerequisites for a good xback, namely -
1. 80-100% crossed GOLD RIM on its back - ticked!
2. Some gold lines on head - ticked!
3. Nice and broad body shape to give you that GRAND presence - ticked!
4. Scissors bite mouth with no PLJ nor Shark mouth - ticked!
5. Nice blue, blusih green or gold base colour - ticked!
6. Almost fully developed fine pearlines - ticked!
7. Nice shine - ticked!
8. Reasonably good pricing - ticked!

Hence, with our stringet check on Concrete Pond 3 this morning, we were able to sort out some outstanding fishes which fulfilled all of the above criterion for an Outsanding Xback. Stocks are low, so its First Come, First Served. Priced competively, these Emerald Blues, Royal Blues, Sapphire Gold and 24K Gold are all between 14 inches+ (close to 2 years old) and 15 inches (2.5 years old).

Prices are standardised at S$1,500 for Sapphire Gold & 24K Gold (all with Gold lines on head), S$1,400 for Emerald Blue & Royal Blue (all with Gold lines on head). S$300 extra for Yellow belly specimens and another S$300 extra for 50% Golden Head specimens. The above prices are only for local Singapore Cash & Carry (stress free for us!). For export, prices will be at least 10% higher due to need to condition the fishes for export, thus alot of extra work is involved.

So if you are the impatient kind or simply do not want to wait longer for a young adult Xback to fully develop its potential, this batch would be your best bet because every important feature of a good Xback is already there, no need to wait any longer. And the best part is, keep them in whatever tank environment you want, be it Black, Blue or Clear tank!

Thanks for viewing & support!
Mrs Goh

See its thin rimmed gold on its 6th row back? Now, this is rightfully a fully crossed Xback Gold.

Side view of a sharp pointed head Royal Blue xback. Full fine pearlies had also developed.

Top view showing a pair of 90% crossed Sapphire Gold (top) and Emerald Blue (bottom).

The fish greenish-blue base has confirmed it to be an Emerald Blue. Admire its fine pearlies and gold brushed tail?

Side view of a Sapphire Gold with fine pearlies and gold brushed tail, too. (picture is a little over-exposed).

Top view of a 50% Golden Head 24K Gold (top) and Sapphire Gold (bottom).

The above two fishes under anaesthesia - the bottom Yellow Belly fish is the 24K Gold 50% Golden Head.

Top view of a Sapphire Gold with nice Gold lines on its head, fine thin rims on back, 100% crossed.

Side profile of a Sapphire Gold xback with fine pearlies, great body shape and Yellow Belly.

Top view of a Sapphire Gold with nice thin gold rims and deep base colour.

Slight Yellow Belly for the above Sapphire Gold.

Side view of the above Yellow Bellied Sapphire Gold. Very fine pearlies, too!

A very charming Royal Blue xback in the water.

Yet another attractive Emerald Blue in the water!

Unmistakeably purple based, Sapphire Gold with 90% crossed back. Like those thick gold lines on head?