November, 2012 Export & the Launching of 1555 Pahang Gold offsprings

Dear All,
The first three pictures are of a recent export to overseas. A normal carton box will either contain 4pcs of 8-9 inch xback or 2pcs of 12-13 inch Golden Head xbacks. For this particular shipment, a total of 48pcs of high quality xbacks were exported. But it took an experienced AVA officer only 30 minutes to scan all the fishes, making sure that EACH & EVERY fish tag number correspond correctly to that of the CITES export permit's Tag List.

The next five pictures belonged to the offsprings of 1555 Pahang Gold. Due to enquiries received since 1-2 months ago, chasing us for the early release of this special batch (you know who you are, guys!), we have no choice but to launch them at such a small size of 6.5 inches. As such, these rare and quality young Pahang Golds would still need a totally white tank environment (WTE) for at least another 4-5 months to help speed up their shine and pearlies development. Therefore, please do not purchase them and immediately place them into a black tank ...

A total of 33pcs offsprings was harvested in May, 2012 from our famed 1555 Pahang Gold. Check out this link Last Day of May Harvest, 2012 . As of today, 29pcs had survived, with 4 dying due to fighting and illnesses. Launching these beauties at a special, local retail price of S$880 each (previously S$1,600-1,800 each in 2007-2011), with 10pcs already been booked for overseas shipment, so leaving 19pcs for the local market. For exports, do add 10-15% on top of the retail prices as alot of extra work is involved in conditioning these fishes for export. As such, do PM or email us to buy these beauties as they are only available through direct sales from our farm (not available at the local petshops). Grab a pure Pahang Gold as you never know, this might well be brooder 1555's last batch .... Thanks for viewing & support!

Mrs Goh

DFI labelled carton boxes being lined up, getting ready for the inspection by an AVA officer.

An average of 4pcs of 8-9 inch xback for each carton box, while for the Golden Heads (more precious), only 2pcs are being placed in each box.

All checked and sealed carton boxes with an AVA sticker being pasted at the top centre of each box - Changi Airport, here we come!

DFI's pride and joy, 1555, at the ripe old age of 14 years old (first featured on our web in 2002) is working again after a hiatus of many months. This photo was first posted in our thread Last Day of May Harvest, 2012 .

The side view of the 1555 Pahang Gold offspring - nice thick frame, bullet head, relatively smaller tails (sorry, big tail lovers), scissors bite mouth and developing pearlies. All from a 6-6.5 incher fish.

Yet another young Pahang Gold turning its body to show off its developing pearlies. Smooth pectoral fins, too!

Another young Pahang Gold displaying the usual characteristics of a true-blue Pahang Gold - bullet head, smaller tails, no Golden lines on head yet, and very high and good shine despite its young 6 months of age (late May till late November).

Following its siblings, this young 6.5 incher fish is also displaying its high potential, ie developing pearlies and high & good shine.