Post-CNY Semi-Adult Xbacks Special Promo

Dear All,
Now that the festive season and celebrations are over, its time to settle down to some serious business. These semi-adult xbacks that are now on Special Promo are between 14-16 inches long, with perfect finnages, and some gold lines on head (about 10-20% GH). Fish age is about 2-2.5 years old, thus, keep them for another year or so and who knows, they could start breeding in your tank/pond!

Among the fishes that are on offer are BMB, Royal Blue, Emerald Blue, Sapphire Gold and 24K Gold. To make things easier, all would be sold at the same price of S$999 each, graded AA++ (normal price - S$1400-1500 in November, 2012 - see our old postings under 'Ticked all boxes' then). And for 50% GH, graded AAA, price would be the same at S$1,300 each (very limited stock).

So, needless to say, this Special Promo is only valid while stocks last, on a First Come First Serve basis. As usual, you may email us to make an appt. to purchase one of these beauties, at very very low prices ...That goes to say you could buy just one fish on a visit to our farm. Terms is the usual, Cash & Carry. Many thanks for your forthcoming support for this Special Promo.

Mrs Goh
Dragon Fish Industry

The top 2 fishes are graded AAA, ie 50% GH and sold at S$1,300 each. The bottom one is graded AA++, S$999 each.

Close up of an AA++, with smooth pectoral fins, defects free!

There are 3pcs of AAA (50% GH) in this picture while the rest are AA++.

Fishes are transferred to a blue tank for the colour to deepen. You may even keep them in a black tank if you like, over time the golden colour will appear even darker.

Close up shot of a AA++ xback on offer at S$999 each - high & broad body for that MAJESTIC look, fine pearlies and scissors bite mouth.

A pair of almost fully rim crossed AA++ xbacks that are on offer at S$999 each, a deal too good to be missed ... hurry!