The BEST of both worlds - 9012 & 8939

Dear All,
We will be dispatching two batches, one Sapphire Gold and one Rose Gold to C328 tomorrow, 5th March, 2013 at 12.30pm. Taking this opportunity to introduce offsprings from two new brooders, namely 9012 Sapphire and 8939 Rose Gold, both featured under our Early June, 2012 harvests.

If their offspring progress is good, only then will we raise their prices a little for the 2nd batch ... so offering the first batches at special introductory prices - Sapphire AA+ at only S$480 each (previously S$530-580 each) and Rose Gold AA+ at only S$550 each (previously S$580 each). As mentioned before, Rose Golds only constitute 5% of our total xback production, hence, their higher pricing.

Thus, do be at C328 early to grab a few of these beauties. As usual, buy 3pcs and enjoy S$30 discount each, buy 5pcs and enjoy S$50 discount each.
Looking forward to your continuous support, thanks so much.

Mrs Goh

The moment of truth - strong and deep colouration for this young Rose Gold brooder, 8939.

Top view of the 6 inch Rose Golds with 6th row all crossed.

Front view of the Rose Gold with ultra solid shine and fine pearlies, all at a mere 6 inches, S$550 each.

Great body shape for this Sapphire Gold 9012 brooder, coupled with fine pearlies and golden brush on tail.

Top view of the Sapphire with 6th row crossing and thin gold lines on head.

Also top view of the Sapphire Golds with perfect finnages and scissors bite mouth, only S$480 each - great value!