10 Years of DFI's Rose Gold ®

Dear All,
First introduced in February, 2003, it has been 10 years since our first Rose Gold production. Throughout the years, our Rose Golds (crossbreed between a Red and a Xback Gold) had produced some very outstanding brooders like 6091, 6078, 6082, 8939, 8898 and so on. Their fries almost universally take on the shape of a Red arowana (ie long and broad) and colour of a pure Xback (bluish with a slight purplish tinge). Of couse, it is also good to know that our farm is one of the few around which is proud of their Red and Xback crossbreeds' heritage and classifies, then market them according to their special breed name. In our farm's case, they are all called 'Rose Gold ®'. In Singapore, these fishes are now available at Clementi Florist & Aquarium (tel 65-67778468) as well as in our farm, DFI.

INTRODUCING DFI's ROSE GOLD XBACK GOLDEN first posted in 20 Feb 2003
Rose Gold Harvest Brooder 6091 harvest posted in 11 Aug 2005

Hope you would all enjoy these new pictures taken just yesterday.
Looking forward to your continuous support of the Rose Golds. Thank you all.

Mrs Goh

One of the Rose Gold breeding ponds.

One isolated Rose Gold swimming at ease.

A group of Rose Golds. It is not that difficult to spot which are the brooders as brooders are more often than not, the biggest fishes with the best colouration in that pond.

Adult fishes being cornered to be shifted to another new pond. All must be 100% done by human labour, cannot possibly be automated ...

In search of the best possible Rose Gold, and found finally easily. A scan had confirmed that HE is the one!

Our beloved 6091 Rose Gold brooder, showing extremely strong base coloration, fine pearlies, long and broad body shape, and yellow throat, too. Believe it or not, and he is more than 26 inches long!

Viewing 6091 Rose Gold from another angle. Smooth pectoral fins, too.

An old harvest picture of 6091, picture was taken in 11 Aug 2005