Last 12 days of Semi Adult Xback Sales

Dear All,
Due in part to the recent positive response to our Semi-Adult Xbacks Promo, we are extending the promo till 30th March, 2013. As such, we have just 'havested' a new concrete tank of these 14-16 inches xbacks, for transfer to the showroom for easier choosing and buying. Varieties on offer are Sapphire Gold, 24K Gold, Emerald Blue and Royal Blue, all priced the same at only S$888 each (with 10-20% gold lines on head). All fishes are also defects free, so choose the ONE FISH that you liked most, pack and go, at this ridiculously low price of S$888 (Cash & Carry price in Singapore only. For exports, please get another quote from us).

Also among today's catch are two Golden Heads - one 24K Gold AAA Golden Head (50% GH) at S$1,300 each and one Sapphire Gold AAA+ Golden Head (60-70% GH) at only S$1,500 each (its a steal since we are selling a AAAA GH for S$1,900 each).

Once again, we would like to thank those of you who had supported us on this recent Semi-Adults Xbacks Promo.
Mrs Goh

Being cornered in the outdoor concrete pond, fishes are panicky and thus difficult to capture their golden lines on head (sorry for the over-exposed picture).

One isolated fish with 20-30% golden lines on head, still priced at S$888 - Good buy or not, you decide? (sorry for the over-exposed picture).

Picture taken indoors of the 24K Gold AAA Golden Head, with 50% coverage on its head, S$1,300 each.

A fine example of an AA++ Xback with 10-20% golden lines on head, S$888 each.

Side profile of the above same fish - scissors bite mouth + smooth pectorals = defects free for a ridiculously low price.

The other GH today - a Sapphire Gold AAA+ GH (60-70% GH). Almost a AAAA, but keep it well and who knows, it's GH may continue to increase its coverage on the head. Priced really well at only S$1,500, an opportunity too good to be missed!