Last 12 days of Semi Adult Xback Sales - Part 2

Dear All,
Further to our first posting a few days ago, these semi-adult xbacks being transferred from the concrete tanks to the glass tanks, has started to settle down and their base colour deepened. Shine tone is also relatively better. And with full pearlies, 10-20% golden lines on head, smooth pectorals and a scissors bite mouth - there is simply NO MORE GUESSWORK to do, whatever is supposed to be there, IS there! And all for only S$888, each, a great deal not to be missed!

Just some updates on these fishes, with photos taken on 22nd March, 2013. Have fun viewing these new pictures and thank you for all the enquiries received so far. Cheers!

Mrs Goh

Love thy shine and gold tone? A mid-sized Spoon Head xback about 14-15 inches. All fishes do come with full pearlies, scissors bite mouth and smooth pectoral fins.

The top two fishes have slight Spoon Heads while the bottom one, a Bullet Head. It is a good idea to keep these fishes in a black/blue tank for enjoyment purposes.

The foreground two Bullet Head xbacks with the background Spoon Head xback (the blurry one at the back).

A Spoon Head xback with a very High Body that gives you an overall MAJESTIC look! Note its full pearlies?

Yet another Spoon Head xback with High Body. Full pearlies, too. Keep these fishes in a black or blue tank and soon, you would see golden rims appearing and base colour deepening.

A group picture of Spoon Head xbacks with gold lines on head, all going for only S$888 each, offer lasts till 30th March, 2013. At your request, we can keep your fish for a maximum of a 10 days period (with at least 50% deposit, of course.)