5 years & above Breeding Red arowanas for Sales

Dear All,
We have a batch of breeding size Red arowanas up for sale, their age is 5 years and above, size is about 22-24 inches with the females slightly smaller than the males. Not surprisingly, like most of our xbacks, all our Red arowanas have no PLJ (protruding lower jaw) and almost all have red lips, red cheeks and very red finnages.

As all fishes have just been shifted from the outdoor mud ponds to the glass tank merely one week ago, their colouration is expected to deepen over time, given proper grooming, food and tanning. Price is S$3,500 each fish, for local Singapore Cash & Carry only. Buying more fishes will get you a good discount, just PM or email us for best pricing on Bulk Purchase for breeding or comm tank purposes. For overseas export, please email us for a different quotation. Cheers!

Mrs Goh

All fishes had belonged to the DFI Ruby Blood Red® category, with deep red scales, cheeks, finnages and lips. No PLJ had been observed.

Another group picture confirming deep colouration as well as red lips.

Love thy red lips and red finnages? Keep them in a black tank with sufficient tanning, these fishes will surely look their best in no time!

The last picture had confirmed the absence of PLJ in these Red arowanas.