Mud Pond Almost Breeding Sized Xbacks for Sales

Dear All,
We have a few batches of mud pond raised, almost breeding sized Xbacks for sale. These fishes are generally 15-17 inches, aged 2-2.5 years old. These fishes are larger than the recently launched Mid-sized Xbacks, which are only 14-15 inches. As these fishes are kept in the mud ponds, their colouration has deepened and golden rims had become even more prominent over time. Thus, these fishes are most suited for pond keeping or a black tank environment.

All chosen fishes have 10-20% of thick gold lines on their heads, 90-100% rim crossing on its backs and some form of Yellow Throat (this Yellow Throat may vary depending on water conditions). These fishes' body shapes are also high & broad, hence, giving you that much desired GRAND & MAJESTIC look. Their base colour is also very deep, little pearlies are fully developed and all have 100% scissors bite mouth (no PLJ/Shark Mouth/no drop eyes). Imagine buying a fish with PLJ (protruding lower jaw) and you would probably see your investments down the drain no matter how good the other features are.

Priced to sell at an undeniably low price of S$1,088 each. At this special low price, you may also want to call it a Clearance or even 'Lelong' Price if you want. Other than these new batches, we also have some balance stocks from the previous 'Mid-Sized Xbacks For Sales' available, at the usual price of S$888 each. Thus, you may make comparisons between the two batches and decide which batch or fish you prefer more? As usual, prices stated here are for Singapore Cash & Carry only. You may make an appointment via PM or email to come to our farm to buy just one fish.

For Overseas buyers, please PM or email us for a different quote which will be slightly higher as the risks of shipping a bigger fish is much higher say than shipping a smaller fish. Many thanks for reading and looking forward to your utmost support for these quality Xbacks.

Mrs Goh

A slight Spoony Head Sapphire Gold Xback with deep colouration and measuring 17 inches from mouth to tail (this fish does not have drop eyes).

A real Spoon Head Emerald Blue Xback with deep colouration and yellow throat (fish eyes looking sideways due to weaker anaesthesia being used, ie not completely in coma yet).

A solid 17 inch Royal Blue Xback with yellow throat, yellow belly and fine pearlies.

A Spoon Head Sapphire Gold Xback with beautiful purplish deep base, fine pearlies and a High & Broad body.