Mud Pond Almost Breeding Sized Xbacks for Sales - Part 2

Dear All,
Here are some pictures of the Almost breeding sized Xbacks pictures taken on the morning of 22nd April, 2013. We would like to thank those who came and support this event. We also took advantage of the occasion and do the occasional shifting of fishes to another nearby pond. Lucky us, it was a good day, although it was hot but it was still bearable. The action actually starts at 8.30am and ended some one and a half hours later.

The very best of the lot of 58 fishes were selected by William personally and shifted to the Showroom glass tanks for easier choosing. Fishes were larger than earlier thought, with sizes ranging from 16-18 inches. As expected, both their gold tone and base colour were very outstanding for their age. Check out these beauties early, as they are now yours for only S$1,088 each, almost a third of what it used to costs some 2 years back.

The price of S$1,088 each fish is for Singapore Cash & Carry only. Overseas export prices will be slightly higher due to risk of flying. Do PM or email us for an appt. to buy one of these beauties. Thank you all for reading.
Mrs Goh

Experienced staff had started to corner the fishes quite early, and they had managed to capture all the fishes in one single attempt - Professional indeed!

Curious at its actual length, we anaethesize this particular fish and found it to be a whopping 17.5 inches long.

Trying to swim away is this Sapphire Gold, with 90-100% rim crossing on its back. If you keep such a fish in a tank envirionment, its rim may achieve 100% crossing in no time. But under constant and direct sunlight in the ponds, most xbacks will appear only 80-90% cross.
这尾蓝宝石过背试图游开. 在池塘的过背, ​​因为每天直接在阳光直射下,有些过背只可能出现80-90%跨鳞状况。但如果在室内饲养,成熟阶段的鱼跨鳞更容易达到100%.

Even at such a critical moment, male Sapphire Gold xbacks cannot seemed to stop their 'Staring Incident'! All selected fishes will have thick gold lines on head, hence, they are graded AA++.

These are the fishes that were selected and transferred to the Showroom. Like this Sapphire's deep golden cheeks and yellow throat?

A Royal Blue with fine pearlies, estimated to be a female based on its body shape.

An unmistakable Emerald Blue with good gold tone. We suspect it to be a male?

A BMB with nice golden brush at its tail. Loved thye scissors bite mouth?

合吻的嘴形, 长和阔的体形都是所有好过背应该有的特点.

Long and broad body shape, coupled with scissors bite mouth for this Sapphire Gold specimen.

Slight spoon head with high body is this 24K Gold xback.

A solid Royal Blue Xback with great body shape and fine pearlies.