A Small Shipment to Taiwan

Dear All,
Fresh from our farm's export room are these pictures taken just yesterday, 8th May, 2013. The AVA (Singapore's Governmental Fish Authority) were at our farm at 11am but by 11.30am, the less than 30 xbacks were scanned, and their numbers confirmed to be identical to that of the CITES export permit.

Thereafter, the shipment had left for Taiwan at 7pm on the same day, taking about 4 hours to reach Kaoshiung, in southern Taiwan. Our agent was so happy to receive the whole shipment in perfect condition - thanks to DFI's years of experience in the packing for export of arowanas.

For your viewing pleasure. Many thanks for the kind support!
Mrs Goh

Picture taken just before packing starts ...

Neat in one straight row, in preparation for the actual packing.

Our staff scanning the fish and pasting a sticking, bearing the correct tag number on the respective bags.

A sample carton containing xbacks of 7-8 inches long.

AVA's signature car ...

All the 7 cartons are placed on a trolley, awaiting for our driver to deliver them to the Changi International Airport. There is another AVA office at the Airport to double check that everything is in order.