Mid-Size Quality Crossbacks for Sale

Dear All,
With the Aquarama 2013 just around the corner, we have shifted the very best from a concrete tank to the glass tank for easier viewing and hence, selection. Fishes are all 14-16 inches in length, golden lines ranging from 10-20% (graded AA++), 50% (graded AAA) to 80% (graded AAAA).

All the most important criterion for a Quality Xback are there -
1. 90-100% rim crossing on the 6th row
2. developed pearlies
3. high & broad body
4. defects free with no PLJ nor shark mouth
5. smooth pectorals
6. all come with SOLID good gold tone!

As for prices, please PM or email us. Local buyers may come and purchase just one fish on a Cash & Carry Basis. For your viewing pleasure and thanks for the kind support (sorry for the blurry pictures as the water is a little cloudy today).

Mrs Goh

Two of the AAAA GH with 100% RIM crossing on the left.

Some other Golden Heads to be transferred to the glass tanks.

Laying side by side are these gold and blue based Golden Heads.

Two purplish based AA++ Xbacks (10-20% Thick golden lines).

Another blue based AA++ Xback waiting to be shifted.

A gold based AA++ Xback waiting patiently for his turn.

A pair of blue based (top) and gold based (bottom) AA++ xbacks.