In preparation for an Export to Japan

Dear All,
With each export, we would have a lot of preparations to do before the actual day of export. Thus, most breeders/exporters would have to go through these similiar preparations in order to export fishes, be it for twenty fishes or for one hundred fishes. In the case of Asian Arowanas, which is a CITES protected species, more red tape and documentation are involved. Thus, it is not surprising that most Arowana farms have a certain quantity to fulfill before they would accept an export order, their minimum order often ranging from 12 to 50 arowanas. As such, almost no arowana farms will export one or two arowanas to a hobbyist overseas.

Do enjoy these rare pictures, taken just 2-3 days before an export day. Thank you all for viewing.

Mrs Goh

Our Japanese clients taking the trouble to fly here and hand pick each and every one of their 60 fishes.

Probably one of Japan's oldest fish importers, our clients are EXPERTS no doubt in selecting only the very best for their valued customers.

After fish selection, we would tag the selected fishes in the presence of our clients to give them a 100% peace of mind. Featured here are some 24K Gold AA++.

Some Royal Blue AA+ waiting to be tagged.

Sample of selected 24K Gold with very prominent golden rims.

A Royal Blue AA+ with a long and broad body shape, defects free.

A group of selected Bukit Merah Blue xbacks with good shine & a great body shape.

Other selected Bukit Merah Blue xbacks, with smooth pectorals and a perfect scissors bite mouth (ie no PLJ nor shark mouth).

Carton and polyfoam boxes ready for tomorrow's, 12th June, shipment. The AVA, Singapore's local fish authorities will be at our farm to ensure that all exported fishes' tag numbers correspond to the Singapore CITES export permit's tag numbers list.

After the AVA security seals had been pasted, it's all set and ready to go!