Some Fishes to Share.

Dear All,
With a new camera in hand, we thought we would spend some time to try and take some new pictures for all to share. Attached herewith are pictures taken last week but due to a busy schedule, we were not able to post them till today.

All fishes are of the 24K Gold type (grade AA++ with 20-30% gold lines on head), with the exception of picture number 4 which is a Sapphire Gold Xback (around 15-16 inches). Do enjoy these brand new pictures and thank you all for viewing.

Mrs Goh

A 10-11 inch 24K Gold with bullet head, long body and fine pearlies.

A 10 inch 24K Gold with the most gold lines on head, hence, graded AA++ (20-30%). Perfect scissors bite, too!

A 11-12 inch 24K Gold with high & broad body, fine pearlies and prominent yellow rimmed scales.

A 15-16 inch Sapphire Gold Xback, with high & broad body and deep purplish base to give you that Majestic Look.

A 14-15 inch 24K Gold with Bullet head, long body, fine pearlies and golden brush on tail.

Another 14-15 inch slight Spoon Head 24K Gold with High body, fine pearlies and golden brush on tail.

A mid-sized 24K Gold with very good pearlies formation and shine. However, some scales do not look good due to fighting in a comm tank.