Adult Xback Brooders & Young Spoon Heads

Dear All,
While sorting out xbacks for our overseas guests to select, we come across some nice and rarer specimen to share with you all. Pictures are taken recently as well as today, 9th August, which is also the National Day of Singapore. Relax, sit back and enjoy. Happy Holidays to all fellow Singaporeans, PRs as well as our foreign workers.

Mrs Goh

The foreground adult is believed to be a female while the background, a male. These brooders have already started producing, about 4-5 years old. Prices only upon inquiry.

A suspected male which has very high/broad body and an ultra good shine!

Adult male arowanas (like the foreground fish) are generally believed to have better colour and stronger shine. In addition, they also tend to have a higher body and a bigger/broader head as well.

The same male fish as above. Like its golden brushed tail and rows of fine pearlies?

Though the majority of xbacks have Bullet heads, some also have a sharp pointed head (ie between a Bullet and a Spoon head). But even rarer, there are also some with pure Spoon Heads.

Pure Spoon Head xbacks with very good shine, 9-10 inches. All have perfect finnages as well as, scissors bite mouth.

Just loved this Spoon Head 24K Gold! Very high body and prominent gold rimmed scales, too.

In spite of it's few missing scales, this is a quality Spoon Head xback nonetheless.

About 20pcs of pure Spoon Head xbacks, both Sapphire & 24K Gold are ready for your selection. Local sales, minimum 3pcs, S$500 each. As for export shipments, prices & minimum quantity upon inquiry.