AAA Golden Head Promotion (23rd-27th August, 2013)

Dear All,
It has been sometime since we last sell our Golden Head Xbacks. Currently, we have 17pcs of AAA Golden Head (50% gold on head) and 2pcs of AAAA Golden Head (80-90% on head) for your selection. Special Promotional price for a AAA GH is only S$999, each (10-12 inches) for 5 days from 23rd-27th August, 2013.

Singaporean hobbysits are welcomed to make an appointment via PM or email to buy just one Golden Head. If possible, do keep them in a white or clear tank for the next 5-6 months and turn on the overhead white lights for at least 8-9 hours daily. Fishes sold are NOT returnable nor exchangeable, cash & carry basis.

Thank you all for your forthcoming support!

Mrs Goh

我们已有一段时间没有出售金头过背. 目前, 我们有17尾的AAA金头过背(50%的金头)和2尾的AAAA金 头过背(80-90%的金头)供您选择。特别促销价 AAA 金头仅新币S$999(人民币大概RMB4,775, 10-12英寸).促销从2013年8月23日至27日,连续5天. 感谢支持!


Gold, gold everywhere!

Can you spot the AAAA GH ? Answer - centre top of picture.

These 3pcs of AAA Golden Heads will be placed in tank 1. Ask for tank 1 if any of these GH catches your eye.

Another 3pcs of AAA GH will also be placed in tank 1.

If any of these AAA GH fancy you, please ask for tank 2.

Also in tank 2 are these AAA GH.

On the left is a 70-80% GH while the right one has 80-90% GH. Both are graded AAAA, price upon inquiry.

Front view of a Bullet Head AAA GH. Note its yellow rims and full pearlies? In tank 2.

A Spoon Head AAA GH in tank 2, also full pearlies.

A Spoon Head AAA GH in tank 2, with yellow rims and yellow throat.