A bigger shipment to Japan. 一个到日本较大的出口

Dear All,
As mentioned before, our Japanese clients probably has more than 30 years of experience in the arowana trade. Thus, they are able to choose 70 fishes within a short span of 3 hours, a feat even we breeders deemed quite unbelievable!

From our Japanese clients' selection procedures, we could see that they are indeed very meticulous, systematic and professional in their fish selection. All barbels must be straight, not too many missing scales in one location, all fishes must have scissors bite mouth, high shine, obvious pearlies and a great body shape. We can only salute them for their dedication!

Thanks for viewing.

Mrs Goh

正如之前所提到的,我们的日本客户可能拥有超过30年的龙鱼进口贸易经验。因此,他们可以在短短3 小时内挑选70尾过背金. 即使对我们鱼场也认为这是难以置信的壮举!

从我们日本客户的挑鱼过程中,我们可以看到,他们确实非常细致,系统化,专业化,他们的选鱼标准是 - 胡须要直,在一个位置上没有太多不见的鳞片,所有的过背金 必须要有合吻的嘴形 (不能地包天!),高光泽​​,明显的小珠鳞和一个宏大的身形. 我们只能为他们的敬业精神, 感觉高兴!



A tank of Sapphire Gold AA+ with very good shine awaiting their turn to get picked.

Using a small plastic bag, our Japanese client hand picked their desired fish one by one.

Some 24K Goldens AA++ (with thick gold lines on head) waiting to be chosen.

One of our favourite fishes.

A semi short body waiting to be tagged. Loved thy full pearlies?

Empty carton boxes waiting to be filled.

AVA officer (in white) scanning each and every fish, which must correspond to the CITES export permit's Tag List.

The famous AVA security seal. Once sealed, these boxes cannot be re-opened.

All trucked up and ready to go to the Singapore Changi Airport.