Surprise Harvests on a Wet Morning.

Dear All,
Although it's a wet morning, but in order to provide good water quality for all our pond's fishes, we still have to shift the adult brooders to a new pond on a periodical basis. By doing so, we came across two older brooders, each of them holding fries in their mouths.

Though this event has taken us by surprise, nevertheless, we were still able to act fast enough and get hold of a camera to photograph the whole harvesting process. For your eyes, only.

Mrs Goh

虽然这是一个潮湿的早晨,但为了提供良好水质 给予池塘的鱼,我们仍然必须定期的把成鱼转移到一个新的池塘. 这样做的过程,我们遇到了两名年龄较大的成鱼,每尾 还在自己嘴里孵化着小鱼! 虽然此件事已经把我们使得措手不及,不过,我们仍然能够 行动快速,弄个相机来拍摄整个收获 过程。只供您欣赏!



Sapphire Gold brooder with it's 100% fully crossed back. The black line is due to over exposure to sunlight daily.

A scan has confirmed its identity, our Sapphire Gold old timer, 8653.

The action has just begun.

More outgoing fries.

Side profile of 8653 has confirmed a deep purplish core, fine pearlies, golden throat and two thirds of golden brush on tail.

An average spawn of 26 fries.

Another brooder offering slightly bigger fries at 1 inch long.

Side view of the Emerald Blue booder, tag ending 8066. Note its fine pearlies, golden throat and golden brushed tail. It is a X-belly too !!!

A total of 31pcs of 1 inch fries, much bigger than the Sapphire's brood.