Black or White tank? 黑缸或白缸?

Dear All,
In the past, there were some controversies when fish farms first started using white fibregrasses to raise young xbacks. But as time goes by, most people have come to accept a white looking xback as they have realised the benefits of raising a young xback in a white tank, ie

1. earlier colour development on the 5th and 6th row,
2. faster pearlies development and
3. for fishes that came from a good lineage, earlier development of golden lines or even golden head (as experience have told us that only a very small percentage of xbacks will have gold lines after keeping them in a white fibregrass for a few months. Even from the same quality brood, not all siblings will develop Golden Heads).

Thus, it is not surprising that the majority of farms are now using the white fibregrass to raise young xbacks. Gauge the transition process of placing white tank raised xbacks in a black tank over a short period of time. Thank you for viewing!

Mrs Goh

在过去,当有一些鱼场开始使用白玻璃纤维桶来养育小过背时,少数人会争议此举. 。但是,随着时间的推移,大多数人已经接受一尾'白色的过背'. 这是因为他们意识到 使用白玻璃纤维桶来养育小过背的好处 -

3。对来自良好血统的鱼, 较早的发展其头的金线,甚至金头! (因为经验告诉我们,只有很小百分比拥有优良血统的 过背会发展其头的金线或金头. 即使从同一批的小鱼,并不是所有的兄弟姐妹将会展现金线或金头))。

因此,并不奇怪,大多数养殖场现已使用白玻璃纤维桶来养育小过背. 感谢您观看!


A 14-15 inch Sapphire Gold Xback that has been placed in a black tank for 3 months.

The same fish with full pearlies, scissors bite mouth and a good gold tone. Like its long and broad/high body shape, too?
以上同样的鱼. 拥有丰满小珠鳞, 吻合的嘴形 (没有地包天) 和良好金质。还有,喜欢它的 长和宽/高的身型?

A 11 inch 24K Gold that has been placed in a black tank for one month. Like those pearlies development and obvious golden rims?
一尾已放置黑缸1个月后的11英寸24K金过背。喜欢它的那些小珠鳞 和明显的金鳞框?

A 10 inch Royal Blue xback after one month in a black tank. It is recommended that you keep young xbacks of 12 inches or below in a white tank if you can.
建议你使用白缸来养育12英寸或以下的小过背. 这将有助它们进一步发展它的颜色和珍鳞.

The same fish with base colour darkening and golden rims becoming more obvious after just one month in a black tank. Thus, do not fear buying 'white' xbacks.
以上同样的鱼. 短短一个月内, 底色变深, 金色变得更加明显. 因此, 不要害怕购买 '白色的过背'。

A 10 inch bullet head BMB is also developing its pearlies.

Another 10 inch Sapphire Gold after a month of being placed in a black tank. Can see that its base colour has intensified to a great extent?

Yet another 10 inch BMB xback with developing pearlies.