Unique Scale Formation - more updates

Dear All,
We have featured some unique scale formation fishes in 'Some Rarely Seen Fishes' last month and would like to provide another new update. Since it is a weekend, why not relax, listen to some nice music while going through these new pictures? Prices of these unique fishes are only upon inquiry and there are probably less than 10 such fishes in the farm.

Do enjoy and Have a great weekend!

Mrs Goh

Special Xback with the most 'pointed' mouth, ever! Prominent golden rims, pearlies and an ultra good shine, too. Limited to one piece only, about 7-8 inches.

A 24K Gold AA++ with full pearlies developed, 12-13 inches! High body with huge 3 back fins, too. Minimum purchase from farm is 3 fishes, only S$550 each (Year End 2013 Promo). But we do not retail one fish at the farm, sorry.

More 24K Gold AA++ at our farm, with 20-30% Golden lines on their heads, 12-14 inches. All with prominent golden rims and some even have Yellow Throat (see fish on the right).

A smaller Xback with unique scale formation, about 8 inches.

An even smaller Xback with unique scale formation. Does it look like a "Çross Belly" fish, 7 inches.?

A larger Xback with unique scale formation. Full pearlies and high body, 10-11 inches!

Focus on the 3 back fins area had showed full pearlies and ''Çross belly-like" features.

Another Xback with scales that looked like "Cross Belly" - very unique indeed! About 10-11 inches.

This largest Xback with unique scale formation was first featured in October, 2013. Though it has a slight shark mouth, it also has the strongest gold tone, about 12-13 inches.

Another focus on the 3 back fins area of the above fish. Admire its full pearlies and stronger than usual gold tone?