DFI Farm's Year End Sales, 2013 - Part 2

Dear All,
Due to the recent inquiries received on other fishes, we would like to provide you all with another update on our Year End Sales, 2013. In addition to these fishes already advertised on 12th November -
1. Sapphire Xbacks AA+ at S$499 each (13-14 inches),
2. BMB Xbacks AA at S$429 each (13-14 inches) and
3. 24K Gold Xbacks AA++ at S$550 each (12-13 inches, with THICK gold lines on heads)

Today, we are also introducing these new fishes -
4. Emerald Blue Xbacks AA+ (mostly black tank raised) at only S$350 each (7-9 inches).
5. Rose Golds AA+ (from other brooders, 10-11 inches) as well as renowed Rose Gold (6091, 8-9 inches) are all priced the same, at S$399 each only!

All the above quoted prices are based on a minimum purchase of 3 fishes and above. As we are a breeding farm and not a retail shop, we cannot possibly sell fishes one by one. We do seek your kind understanding on this. Appointments are to be made either via PM or email, no walk-ins please. Appreciate your support, really.

Mrs Goh

A 10-11 inch Rose Gold with very long and broad body, much like a Super Red.

A rare Golden Head Rose Gold AAA, S$988 each.

Full pearlies for the above Golden Head Rose Gold, 11-12 inches.

The above Rose Gold with 50% Golden Head coverage, only 2pcs are available (can purchase one fish only since we only have 2 such fishes).

The famed 6091 Rose Gold offspring, 8-9 inches (limited stocks).

Another 6091 offspring with pearlies developed.

Emerald Blue AA+ with deep colouration and almost full pearlies, 7-9 inches.

Close up shot of the above Emerald Blue's 3 back fins.

Yet another Emerald Blue with deep golden tone (mostly kept in black tanks). Like those fine pearlies?

Another darker toned Emerald Blue with pearlies developing. High and broad body with scissors bite mouth, a very promising fish indeed!