Adult Xbacks of 5 years or older

Dear All,
Due to some unforseen circumstance, we have the opportunity to take pictures of some adult xbacks from the mud ponds. These adult fishes are all 5 years or older. So it goes without saying that some of these adult Male fishes are indeed our brooders since Xbacks mature at about 3 years of age.

Providing you all with a rare glimpse of our Xback brooders, most of which, do NOT have the much hated protruding lower jaw (PLJ) syndrome. Do go through these new pictures slowly and hope you would enjoy viewing them as much as we have enjoyed putting them up for you. Many thanks for taking time to look at these new pictures. Cheers!

Mrs Goh

An adult Male Pahang Gold with the ultimate gold shine and strong intensity! Do note its golden brushed tail and even pectoral fins, too.

A Female fish with strong colouration, scissors bite mouth, fine pearlies and two-thirds golden brushed tail.

A Male fish with full pearlies, golden brushed tail and scissors bite mouth. Do note that most of of our brooders do not have protruding lower jaw (PLJ) - a sydrome which we think is more genetically inclined than enviromentally caused (due to starving and limited tank space).

Another Female adult fish with solid base colouration, strong golden GILL PLATES, fine pearlies and golden brushed tail.

Yet another purplish based Male fish with fine pearlies, high & broad body and scissors bite mouth.

Male Pahang Gold at the top and probably a Female at the bottom. Note the Female's well developed pearlies and two-thirds golden brushed tail?

Both fishes are most likely to be Male. All with perfect bite mouths and fine pearlies developed nonetheless.

Male fish with golden brushed 3 back fins at the top with beautiful Female fish at the bottom. Do admire the Female's gorgeous scale formation and fine pearlies.

3 purported Male fishes with yellow throat overlooking a gorgeous and attractive Female? All Females with two-thrids golden brushed tail are up for grabs, do PM or email for prices.